American Healthcare Leader

American Healthcare Leader (AHL) brings together executives across the healthcare spectrum to address how to effectively lead their businesses amid the changes reshaping the industry. As part of AHL’s founding team, I crafted the identity and design direction for the brand. The logo, colors and typography of the brand highlight the juxtaposition of human and technical aspects of the healthcare industry. Full issues of American Healthcare Leader can be viewed here.


Mood Board

Collaborating with the photo editor for the brand, we created a mood board to reflect styles, colors, themes and moods that we wanted AHL to exude. 



Color Explorations

The healthcare space is familiar yet complex. When beginning color explorations, we looked at muted and pastel colors typically found in hospital settings. From there we explored bold, contemporary colors to highlight the personality, liveliness and empathy that is at the heart of healthcare. 



Final Color Palate

Taking into account our audience and editorial structure, we selected five color pairs, each with a dominant soft color and juxtaposed with a bold color.



Logo Explorations

With a three word name, I explored stacking, using initials and various weights and sizes. With a primary use as a nameplate on a printed magazine, the logo needed to make an impact on each cover, but also needed to function with other brand elements. Furthermore, it needed to work outside of the printed page, standing alone in branding, marketing and digital applications.


Final Logo

The American Healthcare Leader logo is simple, bold and contemporary. The typeface Liberator strengthens the dominant characters "AHL" while Manifold is used to round out the name. The mark can be used with or without "American Healthcare Leader" and in any orientation.