Chicago Park District Southeast Side

Designs property of Chicago Park District

The Chicago Park District was looking for a branding and marketing campaign to drive visitors to its recently developed natural areas on the southeast side of the city. The project was awarded to Design B&B, and our goal was to ensure that the campaign was attractive, memorable and honest. I acted as the project manager, working closely with the Chicago Park District, our technology partner Plego and freelance photographer Alyssa Schukar

To encourage visitors to engage with the parks using modern-day tools, we developed the ReQuest app. Users can play a clue-based scavenger hunt that navigates through three southeast side parks where they learn about the industrial history, ecological diversity and future planning of the area, all while exploring the region first hand. The project also included a custom website, ChicagoSEsideparks.com, which reinforces campaign visuals while giving greater context of the region to potential visitors. In addition to project management, I art directed both products and led copy writing and editing efforts.